Lizard Stress its hacke user database!

Lizard Squad members arrested

Bad time for Lizard Squad hackers? This collective hit the headlines during the Christmas period by paralyzing the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services via distributed denial of service attacks. What to enrage gamers.

An operation supposedly for the simple amusement or to raise awareness of the lack of diligence of Sony and Microsoft in effectively protecting the data of their users. Even if going through DDoS, this does not prove anything at this level and the initiative which saw the intervention in rescue of Kim Dotcom finally turned into opportunism and marketing for the launch of the platform Lizard Stresser.

Lizard-SquadOn Tuesday, British police in Thames Valley arrested a 22-year-old young man from Twickenham. Released on bail until March 10, he is accused of " fraud by misrepresentation "and violation of the Computer Misuse law on unauthorized computer access.

According to a press release, this arrest is in connection with an ongoing investigation into the " theft of funds "of PayPal accounts between 2013 and August 2014. At Daily Dot, Vinnie Omar indicated to be this young man. This member of the Lizard Squad group sent a copy of a search warrant which explicitly mentions the pirating of the PSN and Xbox Live during Christmas.

According to Vinnie Omar, the police seized everything: his Xbox One, his phones and laptops, his USB keys … Without commenting on the acts of fraud alleged against him, he said that no charges had been brought against him, only alleged facts. It remains to be seen what the investigators will discover about the material seized.

Via one of his Twitter accounts, Lizard Squad also reported the arrest of a member known by the pseudonym Ryan. According to an investigation by Krebs on Security, this is a Finnish teenager by the name of Julius Kivimäki who had already been questioned in October 2013 by the Finnish police. He was suspected of operating a botnet of over 60,000 hacked web servers.

This time, Ryan was picked up by American authorities at Dallas airport with a large sum of money in his possession. Finally, a third member of Lizard Squad known by the pseudonym Jordie was also arrested.

Concerning Lizard Squad, the American journalist Brian Krebs specializing in subjects relating to cybercrime has expressed doubts and considers that it is not a group of sophisticated hackers but in search of notoriety at LulzSec… whose the main members ended up in prison.