LiPad Pro 2019 could ship a triple sensor

LiPad Pro 2019 could ship a triple sensor

According to the Japanese site Macotakara, the iPhone 2019 is not the only Apple product to benefit from a triple back sensor. The next iPad Pro could also carry a triple camera module on its rear side.

Since its appearance on the second generation iPad, the photo sensor of iPad has raised questions as its usefulness is questionable. If it is practical in some cases, especially for scanning documents or quickly sharing photos, there are few people who prefer their iPad to take photos rather than their smartphone.

Beyond the fact that the object is not practical for immortalizing memories, the quality of the camera leaves much to be desired compared to that of an iPhone or a recent smartphone. Although Apple has improved this aspect, taking photos with an iPad is not necessarily a reflex, but that could change.

Indeed, according to Macotakara, Apple would bet on a triple sensor for its next iPad Pro 12.9 and a double sensor for the 10.2 model. By doing so, Apple could highlight the capabilities of its tablet intended for professionals and thus attract new customers. Beyond the photos which would be of better quality, the addition of photo sensor would undoubtedly allow the tablet to better support the increased reality. An area in which Apple invests a lot. It would therefore be logical that the Californian firm modernizes its tablet thinks for the creators.

For now, only the Japanese site seems to be going in this direction. Although often knowledgeable, it is best to wait for new evidence or hard evidence before packing up. It will be necessary to wait until the keynote of the Apple dedicated to tablets and computers to verify the rumor advanced by the site.