LiPad pre-order today in the USA!

LiPad is pre-order in the USA, here is the price list,

As a result our article of last March 05, it is now possible to order the iPad from the Apple online site in the United States. At first, it is only the iPad WiFi model

From an Apple source, the iPad will therefore be available for pre-order today, from 5.30 p.m. PST [Pacific time], or 2:30 p.m. for us, on European territory. In order to satisfy a maximum of people given the small stocks in the factory, a limit of 2 iPads per person and per credit card will be applied. in place so that the credit card used is properly put in the United States! Finally, of course, a delivery address on American territory is also mandatory …

If you meet the conditions, you can take advantage of this exclusivity today.

In addition, all Apple Stores are closed at the moment, which could lead to other surprises, even at our Apple Stores in Europe.

Deliveries of these first models will take place from April 3.

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