Linux 4.19 kernel and return of Linus Torvalds

Linux is still struggling to capture the video game market and brings together less than 1% of players

Mhhh, then, let's recap:

January 2014: 75 million Steam users according to Valve. According to phoronix (source:, there were 1.26% Linux users at the time:

75 * 0.0126 = 0.945. 0.945 * 10 ^ 6: 945,000 users on Linux.

Today (2015), Steam announces 125 million users, and 0.94% of users on Linux. A little math:

125 * 0.0094 = 1.175. 1,175 * 10 ^ 6 = 1,175,000 Linux users. 230,000 more than a year ago.

1,175,000> 945,000, right? Obviously, it's easier to say "the market share is falling" than "the user base is increasing", it seems to bring in fewer points.

So what's going on is that the Steam user base is growing faster than the Steam user base on Linux. But the Steam user base on Linux is still growing: there are more Steam users on Linux today than there were in 2014.

You see, the stats, we can make them say what we want, and draw completely opposite conclusions if we base ourselves on the numbers. 1.175 million potential customers is not negligible, eh .

Then hold, growth of the user base of 230,000 users in a year, how much represents, in percentage compared to the user base of last year? I'll let you do the math…

But hey, whether it is here, on clubic or pcinpact, even on nofrag … only the percentages seem to interest you, and then, it's true, "linukse c 1%", it's so clickbait that it is call to trolls