Linky: she gets taken off the meter because of health issues

Another setback for Enedis, who is forced by the courts to withdraw one of his Linky counters. The story takes place this time in Tours, where a client denounces the appearance of symptoms after the installation of the system. If the court has not confirmed that his pathology does indeed come from the meter, it evokes a strengthening of health risks.

Linky counter

Enedis continues to wipe out court decisions against his favor. After this customer who had succeeded in bending EDF and obtaining a conventional meter, it is the turn of this woman from Tours to win her lawsuit against the distributor. For 2 years, the latter has been fighting to have her Linky meter withdrawn, which, according to her, would have caused her many health concerns. The court did therefore lean on its side, while specifying that it was not possible to affirm “With certainty a direct link” the complainant’s symptoms and the device.

In fact, the meter emits 20 times fewer waves than the limit values ​​provided for by law, which in theory should avoid the aggravation or the appearance of pathology. Nevertheless, the court pleaded the the existence of health risks “In proportions which remain unknown”. The distributor always has the possibility of appeal decision, but will have to withdraw its meter and replace it with a conventional system in the opposite case.

Enedis forced to withdraw his meter for health reasons

The complainant explains that her symptoms appeared in october 2018, when EDF sends him a technician to install a Linky meter. It also specifies that the company did not consult him before starting the procedure. Faced with this lack of information, she decides to contact the UFC-Que Choisir as well as the national energy mediator, before finally appealing to justice. As a reminder, it is quite possible to refuse the installation of the connected meter.

Today the complainant suffers electrosensitivity and a thyroid disease. She believes that the meter is at the origin of her troubles. According to her, she would lose one kilo per month since the device arrived in his home. However, Enedis is based on studies by the National Frequency Agency and the National Health Security Agency to adjust its meters.

Source: The New Republic