Linky: a customer succeeds in bending EDF, forced to install a classic meter

An inhabitant of HĂ©rault who refused to install the new Linky meter won a round. After a year of procedure, he finally got Enedis to install a more classic meter. What to create a precedent?

Linky counter
A Linky counter / Credits: Guillhem Vellut via Flickr

This is a case that could set a worrying precedent for Enedis, which installs the Linky meters, and which is reported by Midi Libre. A resident of Lignan-sur-Orb indeed won a round against the company on November 17, forcing him to install a new meter, not Linky.

In September 2019, this man had refused the installation of the Linky meter in his house, then under construction. Faced with this situation, Enedis had cut off the power. Installed in his new home since, he lived without electricity, but still refused the installation of the said counter.

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The man then led a long fight against the subsidiary of EDF and by dint of mediation, an agreement has been reached. Enedis has indeed agreed to put him a non Linky meter in his home, as he requested. However, the story is probably not over for all that, since Enedis specifies that this new meter is only temporary.

New jurisprudence?

Nevertheless, it is a small victory for the opponents of this counter, very numerous in France. As Midi Libre specifies, another case had a favorable outcome in Bordeaux, where justice indicated that Enedis could not make obligatory the pose of a Linky.

The Linky is EDF’s new meter installed in millions of homes since 2015. More energy efficient and connected, he saw many detractors arise who blame it for a higher risk of fire, a lack of respect for privacy or a way of artificially increasing electricity bills.

The crux of the matter is that the electricity meters installed in private homes do not belong to them, since they are in the communities. Enedis therefore has the right to replace all meters, even without the owner’s agreement. Data that has been endangered by recent decisions and which could create very embarrassing case law for the energy supplier. It is already possible to refuse the installation of a meter. The man also suggests that those who have been installed this terminal can now request its withdrawal in court.

Source: Midi Libre