LinkedIn app for iOS retrieves and transmits data without permission

LinkedIn app for iOS retrieves and transmits data without permission

The LinkedIn app for iOS is suspected of collecting information from the Calendar on the iPhone or iPad and transmitting it to its servers without users' consent.

It’s definitely a very bad day for the LinkedIn social network. After the site information The Next Web who claims to have learned that Russian hackers stole no less than 6.5 million passwords Belonging to the renowned professional social network, Israeli security researchers reveal that the LinkedIn application for iOS retrieves and transmits data from the Calendar without having obtained the consent of the users. The application available for iPhone and iPad has a feature that allows users to consult the entries in their iOS Calendar directly in the application. As soon as this functionality is activated, it will automatically transfer all Calendar information to LinkedIn servers. Highly sensitive information because it may contain names, sensitive personal or professional information, contact details, etc.

Contact by New york times, a spokesperson for the social network indicated “That this is an optional function that users can activate or not and that the data linked to the meetings registered in the calendar are used in order to provide more contextual information”.

Except that in practice, users of this iOS application are not informed by this practice which could at the same time infringe the confidentiality rules fixed by Apple which prohibit the transmission of user data without their consent. see if Apple intends to react by banning the application from its online store or if Linkedin will react quickly to provide an update of its application that would correct this problem.

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