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What is LINE?

LINE is a multifunctional instant messaging application that allows you to send text messages to correspondents, but also to make voice and video calls over the network.

Launched in Japan in 2011, it is experiencing significant growth and is one of the communication tools to be privileged for exchanging from and to Asia. Available on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, LINE manages the synchronization of accounts on several devices, whatever the operating systems. An ideal feature that makes it easy to find contacts and conversation histories.

Register on LINE requires a valid phone number that will serve as the login and sync ID. The receipt of a confirmation code by SMS validates the creation of the account.

LINE features

Like any operational instant messaging service, LINE allows two people to communicate in writing, as well as to make video and voice calls. Access to smartphone storage makes it easy to share files, photos and videos. Support for conversations and group calls brings together up to 200 participants. A strong point for those who wish to organize a large-scale event or simply discuss specific subjects with other enthusiasts.

LINE is also renowned for its many extras that facilitate the organization of everyday life. It is therefore possible to quickly share your location with your contacts, create events, launch surveys, save multimedia content in the cloud, transfer money to your contacts or pay for your purchases in the application partner stores.

In use, what do we think of it?

If it is almost essential to use LINE to communicate with Asia, using the app to reach the rest of the world is of little interest. Of the 164 million active monthly users claimed by the application, 83 million live in Japan. LINE is also very popular in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

You have to recognize LINE its very complete functionalities. By integrating various messaging, calling, payment, online backup, games, stickers and filters, the application centralizes everyday actions and saves the download of third-party apps.

However, if you want to do too much, LINE gets lost in options. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around and you come to regret the traditional messaging services offering basic communication tools. In addition, concentrating so much information and different uses within the same app is never good for privacy, especially when said app only partially encrypts the information passing through it. As an indication, in the case of LINE, end-to-end encryption only applies to text messages, geolocation and one-to-one voice calls.