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Limera1n: The new revolutionary tool from Geohot?

Geohot , the most famous hacker of its generation, would be back with a new tool called Limera1n.

Officially, we do not yet know what is behind this project but it is a safe bet that it will jailbreak and unlock the firmware 4.0 of theiPhone and firmware 3.2 fromiPad (Including 3G).

At present, as usual, GeoHot has given no indication (positive or negative) on this subject which suggests the wildest rumors. Even if we cannot prove his 100% involvement in this project, a WHOIS on the domain name, leaves almost no doubt on the subject.

If this project turns out to be real, its release should coincide with the release of the iPad 3G (scheduled for late May) or with that of firmware 4.0 (scheduled for June 22?).

We discuss it on the forum.