Lima: a web app 'as a Cydia alternative

Lima: a web app 'as a Cydia alternative

A team of developers is currently preparing an alternative to the Cydia application for jailbreak iDevices. Purpose of the strategy? To be able to “more easily” connect to the unofficial application store.

The Cydia application constitutes a treasure for iDevices jailbreak users. The latter sometimes regret nevertheless the disturbances linked to the application which is sometimes difficult to launch due to technical problems. It is with this in mind that the Infinite Dev Team, a team of developers / hackers, is currently working on the development of Lima, a web application allowing to connect the famous unofficial store in an even simpler way.

Safari Mobile to take over.

Finally, what could be simpler than being able to install an app or a mod by directly passing the Internet browser of the iPhone? This is the alternative that the Infinite Dev Team intends to offer soon. The user will, like Cydia, have the possibility of being able to browse the different categories in order to find the desired apps and mods. Judging the video below, the principle of use is relatively simple.

Additions of sources and access to the Cydia Store?

At the current stage of development in Lima, it is not yet known whether the web app will allow access to additional sources of applications and also to benefit from the Cydia Store, the paid application store. The Infinite Dev Team will have to be able to collude with Saurik, the boss of Cydia to be able to possibly benefit from these services to users.

Not so sure, however, that Saurik sees a very good alternative to its flagship application …

We discuss it on the forum.

Demonstration video.