Ligue 1 TV rights: M6 offers to broadcast the matches for free after the death of Téléfoot

Chaos still reigns over TV rights to Ligue 1 football. With the disappearance of the Téléfoot channel, M6 offered the Professional Football League (LFP) to broadcast Ligue 1 matches for free, while it was time to find a new broadcaster.

m6 league one
Credit: Wikimedia

If you follow football, you have probably watched the Telefoot fiasco helplessly. After a long conflict between the chain and owned by the Mediapro group and the LFP, an agreement was reached between the two parties. An agreement which provides in particular for the closure of Téléfoot and the transfer of the rights to Ligue 1 to another broadcaster.

And precisely for now, there is still no official broadcaster. In order to temporarily fill this gap, M6 offered to the LFP to broadcast Ligue 1 matches for free, according to information relayed by our colleagues from Figaro. The president of the management board of M6 Nicolas de Tavernost sent a letter to Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP, in which he offers the services of the chain.

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M6 to the rescue of Ligue 1?

In this letter, the boss of the M6 ​​group specifies, however, that this is not about opportunism, and that the channel simply wants to be of service to avoid financial losses to clubs and all companies that make a living from broadcasting Ligue 1:

“Without wanting to interfere in the current discussions around the rights of Ligue 1, our channels are not intended to purchase lots, However, we wanted to tell you that we can provide you with our antennas for the broadcasting of a particular match in order to offer visibility to your competition and its sponsors, to avoid any break in broadcasting, and thus ensure the necessary social link around the broadcast of Ligue 1 ″, said the previous owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux in his letter to Vincent Labrune.

In other words, M6 could serve as a spare tire during this uncertain time, which will be marked in particular by the liquidation of the Téléfoot channel, its cessation of activity, and the choice of a new broadcaster. For now, the LFP will proceed to a new call for tenders for these broadcasting rights abandoned after the death of Téléfoot. As a reminder, the issue of reimbursement of Téléfoot subscribers still arises and the channel must also arrange with Free, Orange, SFR and Bouygues to compensate customers who have chosen to subscribe via their operator.

Source: Le Figaro