Lidl will slash the prices of connected bulbs, sockets and radiators in France on February 1, 2021

Lidl will slash the prices of connected bulbs, sockets and radiators in France on February 1, 2021

Lidl is preparing to slash the prices of home automation in France. With the “Lidl Smart Home” range, the German brand will offer a large catalog of sockets, bulbs and connected radiators at reduced prices. From February 1, 2021, 1,550 Lidl supermarkets scattered across France will market connected devices designed by the Silvercrest brand.

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Remember: last December, Lidl launched “Lidl Smart Home”, a new range of connected products dedicated to home automation in Belgian, German, Swiss and British supermarkets. This collection includes in particular connected motion detectors at € 11.99, door / window opening detectors at € 9.99, connected sockets at € 9.99, ceiling lights at € 49.99, LED bulbs at € 7.99 and € 9.99, an LED strip at € 17.99 or even a connected ceramic blowing heater at € 39.99.

To connect all of your devices via your home WiFi network, you must invest in a home automation bridge sold € 19.99. This hub allows you to connect all connected objects by plugging it into your operator’s box via the Ethernet port.

1,550 Lidl supermarkets will sell inexpensive connected objects from February 1, 2021

According to our colleagues at Business Insider, Lidl will market the connected objects offered under the “Smart Home” label from February 1, 2021 in France. The media outlet claims that 1,550 Lidl supermarkets will offer the connected devices for sale. With this vast catalog of home automation accessories at discounted prices, Lidl tackles Ikea head-on. The famous Swedish firm has indeed been offering connected bulbs and sockets since 2018 at an advantageous price.

Designed by Silvercrest (Lidl brand), Lidl’s connected objects are not lacking in advantages apart from their reduced price. Compatible with Zigbee 3.0 protocol, home automation devices can be controlled by voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, two of the most popular voice assistants on the market. Best of all, they are also compatible with Philips Hue equipment, leader in connected light bulbs, and Osram Lightify. Lidl connected objects will therefore easily be integrated into an already existing home automation system. Unsurprisingly, Silvercrest’s connected bulbs and sockets do the deadlock on Homekit compatibility. Obviously, an Android / iOS application will allow you to control all devices with your smartphone.

This is not the first time that Lidl has made the buzz with products offered at discounted prices. Last year, the brand from Germany stood out with AirPods for less than 20 € or even a simulated Apple Watch sold for less than 40 €. What do you expect from Lidl’s foray into the home automation market? We await your opinion in the comments.

Source: Business Insider