Lidl: the Monsieur Cuisine robot is banned for sale for plagiarism in Spain

Lidl Spain is forced to withdraw the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from sale. Spanish justice considers that the robot copies too much the functionalities of a competitor device much more expensive, the Thermomix. The Monsieur Cuisine robot remains available in France and the rest of Europe.

Lidl Monsieur Cuisine
The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot / Credits: Lidl

This is one of the most popular products at Lidl: the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from the Silvercrest brand (belonging to the brand) sold at Lidl 359 euros a almost all the features of a robot as famous as it is expensive, the Thermomix from the Vorwerk brand (which can be found almost twice as expensive in stores).

And so it is for this reason that Vorwerk sued Lidl before the Barcelona Commercial Court – who has just delivered his verdict: Lidl Spain must withdraw the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from sale, because the robot infringes the Thermomix patents held by Vorwerk. The game was not won, however. Lidl was indeed offensive, and tried to have the Thermomix patents canceled..

Spain considers that the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot is a plagiarism of the Thermomix

Lidl has indeed attempted to argue that the Thermomix was itself based on earlier patents from competitors, and was therefore not strictly speaking an “invention” deserving of bringing the brand before the court. However, the judges of the Barcelona Commercial Court considered that the Thermomix was indeed an invention, and that Lidl had therefore infringed Vorwerk’s patents by marketing Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

Lidl Spain is therefore condemned to “Stop importing, stocking, selling and advertising” around Monsieur Cuisine Connect. Lidl must “Withdraw from the market all copies in its possession and at its distributors”. Lidl must also pay damages in an amount equivalent to 10% of Thermomix sales..

Lidl France emphasizes for its part: “This court decision is specific to Spanish courts and does not apply in France. Only Lidl Spain is concerned by this file ”. And drive the point home: “This decision has no effect on consumers who have purchased an MCC from Lidl France”. Yet we are in Europe, and this victory in Spain could well prompt Vorwerk to sue Lidl in other countries.

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The group could thus use the Spanish decision to support other complaints and obtain the withdrawal of the product in other markets. To our knowledge, Lidl did not appeal the Spanish decision.

Source: El PaĂ­s