Libe is already making fun of the Apple Car

Libe is already making fun of the Apple Car

Libé is already making fun of the Apple Car – iPhone Soft

liberation ipa iphoneIt is rare that the daily Libration is mentioned on iPhoneSoft, but the article "The 23 characteristics of the future Apple Car (well, almost) " contains some rather amusing passages.

Full of sarcasm and bad faith, three journalists have imagined the characteristics of the future car of Apple, as if it were already with its qualities … and its many defects. Here is a small excerpt and the link follow, if the idea amuses you:

"– The socket used to charge the battery will voluera each model and will be incompatible with the old ones.
– Sold for 5 places, it will actually accommodate only 3 people because of the place taken by the brain of the machine.
– The owner can only go to authorized garages Apple and will not be allowed to repair himself. Besides, the hood will not be able to open.
– Breakage of the windshield will result in repair costs potentially higher than the purchase price.
– An update may require a reboot right on the highway.
– Sexual intercourse will be prohibited in the cabin – bare breasts too.
– LApple Car will systematically search for all the Google Cars that crosses.
– The system will allow the creation of applications that remove billboards from the landscape.

Not sure it makes Tim Cook laugh a lot.

tim cook

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