LG Xnote Z330: MacBook-style ultrabook

LG Xnote Z330: MacBook-style ultrabook

Image 1: LG Xnote Z330: MacBook-like ultrabook

LG announces its first Ultrabook, the Xnote Z330. For this first foray, the Korean manufacturer takes no risk and offers a machine very (too?) Resembling MacBook Apple.

Aluminum shell, keyboard with separate keys, large touchpad, but also a black screen outline that is reminiscent of the MacBook Pro. This same screen displays a surface of 13 inches for a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels. In terms of measurements, LG does better than the Ultrabooks already on the market. We were already admiring the 1.35 kg and 17 mm thickness of the Aspire S3 from Acer. When we discover that LG has managed to compress a 13-inch computer into 1.2 kg and a 14 mm thick shell, we can only appreciate.

Image 2: LG Xnote Z330: MacBook-like ultrabookThe Korean brand has not neglected the material part of its Z330. To animate it, the buyer will have the choice between a model based on Core i5 or Core i7. To this, we add 4 GB of RAM and an SSD for storage (128 or 256 GB). The graphics card is integrated. Like the Aspire S3 or Zenbook from Asus, it is an Intel HD3000, which even allows you to play as long as you are not too greedy by inflicting the latest blockbusters like Battlefield 3 or Skyrim.

LG specifies that the machine starts up in less than 10 seconds. He thus respects the prerogative ofIntel. In its connection, the Widi stands out. Thanks to this standard, it is possible to wirelessly display an Xnote image on an external screen.

Announced in Korea, the Z330 will be sold at 1,500 euros. No European commercialization date has been brought forward.