LG wants to compete with the iPad – Belgium-iPhone

The manufacturer LG Electronics announced that he plans to launch ten new smartphones in the near future and hopes to sell five million by the end of the year in order to compete with his competitors. The South Korean company also announced its intention to launch soon a new touch pad – embedding the Android OS from Google – “Focusing on the ability to create content more than just display it” said Chang Ma, vice president of marketing at LG Electronics and added, "The iPad is a great device but doesn't really do that kind of thing, our device will be better than the Apple tablet", he says.

This new tablet will integrate content focused on document creation such as word processing, video editing and program creation. Regarding its specifications, “It will have top-of-the-range characteristics and new advantages which will concentrate on an astonishing productivity”, says Mr. Ma.

The product is intended to be launched initially in the United States “Which will be a key market for the tablet” according to Mr. Ma who refused to say whether operators will be involved in the distribution of the new product.

Note that the South Korean manufacturer is currently in a precarious situation, especially in the smartphone market where it has lagged behind the competition. According to research firm Gartner, the company's share of the smartphone market was 1.2% in the second quarter.

Mr. Ma now believes that there is an opportunity for LG to catch up in the smartphone market, “The race has not started yet”, he concludes.

As a reminder, LG is also an Apple partner in the delivery of iPhone LCD screens, including the new notch incorporating technology Retina.

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