LG G2 - Android KitKat: how to fix the sinking problem

LG G2 – Android KitKat: how to fix the sinking problem

Since the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat, many users of the LG G2 have a problem of sizzling sound when listening with headphones. The problem is particularly annoying and LG, although informed, has not yet announced a corrective update.

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This problem of sound comes, that is sure, the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Regardless of the quality of the earphones you use, they will all respond in the same way. Only an update could solve this concern, but it may not happen for a long time.

Be careful though, this manipulation can be risky and you may end up with a damaged or unusable device. Neither AndroidPIT nor I can be held responsible possible damage that may result from handling.

Make an Audio Loopback

1. Disconnect your earphones.

2. Restart your G2.

3. Once your G2 reboots, reconnect your earphones or headphones. Launch the phone application and go to the numeric keypad.

4. Test the sound of the keys 2,5,0, #.

5. Erase all and enter now

3845 # * 802 #

you arrive then in a menu,

6. Click on ELT Test, Manual Mode and on Test Start.

7. Always with the branch plugs, click on Loopback Audio then on Test Start.

8. Approach your mouth and blow or talk in each of the pickups of your LG G2 (top right, bottom left near the headphone jack and on your headphones if singing). The test should last more than 20 seconds.

9. Choose STOP, and repeat the operation but choosing this time Audio Loopback Mic1, Mic2, Mic3.

10. Once the tests are complete, exit the menu and listen to music in your media player.

11. Restart your G2.

And here!

This method worked for you? Have you solved your problem of crackling on your G2?

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