LG announces its QNED TVs illuminated by 30,000 microLEDs behind the screen

On the sidelines of CES 2021 which will take place virtually from January 11, LG is presenting the QNED technology that will equip its 2021 LCD televisions. Derived from the microLED, QNED panels incorporate 30,000 small diodes which illuminate the pixels very precisely. LG’s 4K and 8K LCD televisions released in 2021 will be equipped with this technology.

lg qned mini led tv

OLED technology is definitely one of the best when it comes to display quality. Infinite contrast ratios. Respect for colors. Beautiful light. Controlled energy consumption. Whether in televisions, smartphones or tablets, tests show that OLED remains superior to Full LED LCD. It is not perfect either. Besides a slight problem of latency and reflectance, it remains quite expensive. An OLED television is therefore less accessible.

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To offer a visual experience that is similar to that of an OLED panel, brands are stepping up initiatives by using LEDs of varying size and more or less. We know the microLED, of course, whose technical principle is similar to OLED. We also know the Samsung QLED, a happy medium between Full LED and OLED. We also know the Full Array LED, an improved version of Full LED signed Sony and which we find in the XH90 and XH95 recently tested in our columns.

A 30,000 LED grid for precise lighting

Today, LG presents another variant: the QNED. This is a technology relatively close to Samsung’s QLED. Colors are handled by a classic LCD layer, while backlighting is supported by an LED grid. Here it is “mini-LED”, an intermediate size between the LED and the microLED. There are 30,000 behind the LCD layer for fine management of illuminated areas. With the QNED, LG says its televisions are reaching a 1000000/1 contrast ratio and offer refresh rates of up to up to 120 Hz. Either typical characteristics of the OLED.

QNED will be offered with all LG premium LCD TVs in 2021. 10 QNED models will be released in 2021, with different screen sizes up to 86 inch (or a little more than 2.30 meters diagonal). The proposed definitions will be 4K and 8K. The largest model will be presented at CES 2021 which will take place virtually from January 11. This will be the opportunity to discover the said models, as well as their prices.