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Let's talk about a high-end Apple headset

Let's talk about a high-end Apple headset

Talking about a high-end Apple headset – iPhone Soft

sony headphones connect icon ipa iphone appWe were talking about it last week, Apple would like to sell a new premium headset but this time marked with the apple. These high fidelity noise reduction headphones are back via Bloomberg which gives us new details without getting wet.

Indeed, with tweezers, Bloomberg indicates that Apple wants to compete with Bose with a high-end product. The Apple headset would have been developed in 2017, in parallel with the HomePod.

Expected for the end of the year, this helmet may not come out if it does not give complete satisfaction internally. In any case, it is equipped with the W1 chip found in AirPods, just to be efficient and to associate effortlessly with your iPhone.

Finally, the design would be that of the Beats but with classic and sober colors.

a helmet concept by apple

headset app

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