Let’s go for the production of the iPad 3!

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Posted: January 14 2012Updated: January 14, 2012

by TanguyH

Hello jailbreakers!

Worldissmall, true to its reputation, must keep you abreast of the world of apples. This is very good news for some: production of the iPad 3 is launched, now he doesn’t it remains only for Apple to officially announce this.

ipad + 3 - Let's go for the production of the iPad 3!

Bloomberg had already predicted the release of the new toy a long time ago, according to them the official release would take place in March, but iPads for sale will be already ready in February.

The new features that we will find there are the same that we announced in the rumors: higher resolution, probably Retina and a Quad-Core processor. But a little more surprising will be the connection capacity with LTE networks.

More details will follow in the coming days or weeks…

“Is this famous iPad3 really good? You have to tell me !”