Android P: a first developer preview in March

less RAM consumed and improvements to preserve autonomy

A preview of the next version of Android, called Android M and bearing the code name MNC or Macadamia Nut Cookie, could be given during the Google I / 0 2015 conference which will be held at the end of May, before its availability later this year.

logo-android Few details have yet emerged on what this new edition will bring, but the site Android Police understands that the focus will be two major optimizations.

Development teams would thus work to optimize the use of RAM but also to manage more finely the energy consumption by cutting certain functionalities or by reducing their occurrence when they are not used and by limiting more drastically the consumption of the components the most energy-consuming during the phases of non-use of the smartphone, when the screen is off, for example.

These optimizations should be the subject of presentations during the Google I / O 2015 conference. Ideally, Android M could be finalized by the month ofaugust 2015 but this timing can always be shifted. Its launch will no doubt be an opportunity to discover new terminals Nexus.

Google has already worked on optimizations of its mobile platform. We thus remember the Volta project for Android L, which later became Android Lollipop, but energy consumption remains an area for improvement, even on the latest Nexus devices.