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Less dirty invoices when traveling abroad !?

It’s since Monday March 1st that mobile operators are required to set up a device allowing their subscribers not to exceed a certain threshold when traveling in one of the countries belonging to the European Union. Indeed, and even more so with smartphones, such as the iPhone, it is still too common to see exorbitant bill amounts when returning from abroad. It is clear that thanks to the juicy contracts concluded between the operators, it is the consumer who finds himself in turkey stuffing and the additions are very often dirty, easily costing several hundred euros for a few days past the stranger! The European Commission is the judge and the new measures are finally in place, to ensure better protection for us, the users.

In practice, it is enough to contact its operator in order to fix the amount not to exceed. During the stay, an sms will be sent in order to warn the subscriber as soon as he has reached 80% of the fixed threshold. The internet connection will simply be inactive when the fixed limit is exceeded. From July 1, 2010, if no maximum amount has been agreed with the subscriber, these same operators will have the obligation to lock out all use of mobile internet from abroad, when the bar of 50 euros has been crossed.

The main interest of the iPhone as the collection of information in real time via the internet, we can only welcome these new provisions, which will certainly lighten the wallet of large consumers that we are …

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