Lenovo wants to launch foldable laptop

Lenovo wants to launch foldable laptop

Image 1: Lenovo wants to launch a foldable laptop

The Chinese manufacturer presented its advances and projects at the event Lenovo Transform from New York which took place on June 20-21, 2017. He notably gave an overview of his foldable laptop.

Unlike classic models, the prototype folds like a newspaper sheet. He still has a keyboard and a mouse. However, it is compatible with the voice command while presenting a touch screen. The display could be based on the OLED technology which currently remains the most advanced to allow the creation of flexible products like the LG G Flex 2. In any case, this type of futuristic computer opens the way to new possibilities in terms of design. The manufacturer can create smaller products with a larger screen.

Lenovo says the laptop remains in the concept stage. We will have to wait long enough to see this model appear if the Chinese manufacturer decided to produce it. It must be said that Lenovo has a busy agenda with new partnerships with Microsoft and Google in virtual reality.

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