Lenovo announces a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and a large battery

Lenovo announces a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and a large battery


ATomicBoy44 wrote:

DeepBlueOcean wrote:

I only hope that the powerful battery is … removable! Because without removable battery, the material is good for the trash after 300 to 500 charge cycles. Clear evidence of program obsolescence …!

So what ?

300 to 500 cycles it's been between 5.75 years and 9.6 years taking a week's charge. Now it must be hoped that a battery will hold the charge longer than other current batteries.

Even counting half a week as charging time, it's still more than 2 years for the lifetime …

And then, I do not quite understand your suspicion for this battery and not for that of other smartphones. Would it be different for the others? And so, the others would be better for their smaller energy content. Where is the logic of your question? where are you coming from?

Well, it's not complicated:

Before we had (my smartphone for example) removable batteries. Now this is no longer the case.

Do you think this is progress?

This is not what I said, but how does this question have to do with what is suggested in the first comment?

I have a used smartphone for more than 3 years, which was already 2 years old when I bought it, and, I only remove the battery to put a µSD card or reset the phone, so this is not is not that useful. that is to say less than once a year!

And then, to install it often enough, Lenovo products are generally not difficult to dismantle, even if it is not always very practical. So if it is a question of replacing a faulty battery, it will be done.

"I fix-It" will say more when the smartphone is marketed outside of China.

In any case, consumers, for a large part of the market, change (smart / tl) phones before the battery is out of use, so what is the point of making it removable if not to facilitate disassembly? I do not see too much.

If the question is about the obsolescence program, then it will be necessary to wait for the Google smartphone, fully removable for all its parts in order to see things evolve, but, the manufacturers add so many functions each year, with in addition a so rapid evolution software components and functions, that it will be difficult to bring down this rapid obsolescence of portable products. Knowing that the marketing that goes with all this has, for the moment, always demonstrated its capacities to sell these new functionalities. We already had this pb with all the other portable devices like the micro laptops, what is the difference with the smartphone When I read the characteristics of technological jewelry and knowledge in many scientific and technical fields that are smartphones, I tend to think that they are the computers of tomorrow, already present today. The data centers are already starting to integrate their processors (ARM) to lower energy consumption, especially for cooling because these processors are self-adapting depending on the load and the type of calculations. What Intel and AMD have a hard time understanding with their big ultra fast processors, but also more consumers.

As my physics teacher said: "the faster it goes, the more it consumes!" It is physical, and the laws of physics cannot be violated as easily as human laws.