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Legacy of the Void is ready, the release date is precise

At its major annual conference, Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard confirmed that part of its teams were indeed working on the development of the next installment of StarCraft II.

StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void - 4 Today, an internal source from the developer's studios confirms that StarCraft II Legacy of the Void is finally finished, and ready to be offered to players. The exact launch date is currently unknown, but it could be between April and June 2015.

The calendar remains busy for Blizzard, which today communicates more on its Moba Heroes of the Storm, whose paid beta has just started (while the final title will be offered for free).

An operation that already sows doubt about how the next installment of StarCraft II will be offered. An ancitipated beta version could thus be offered for buyers of a possible pre-order, unless Blizzard is leaning towards another distribution strategy based on free mixed with integrated purchases or paid beta …

Difficult however to think that Blizzard can sabotage its title with optional paid options when you know that Starcraft remains one of the most played strategy games around the world and at the origin of many international championships.