Leave your smartphone on at night: a subject that divides you

Leave your smartphone on at night: a subject that divides you

We asked you last week what you do with your smartphone before leaving in the arms of Morphe. Now is the time to look back at the results, try to understand them and take stock

A majority of participants (23%) indicated putting the smartphone in airplane mode before going to sleep. Several reasons are possible but the two main ones seem to be the following: the desire (even the need?) To isolate itself by cutting all the communications while keeping the possibility to become reachable in an instant, and / or the fear of have the waves too close to the body or head at night.

In second place, we find those who leave their smartphone on. Several hypotheses are possible here, maybe these people simply want to be reachable any time (whether for personal or professional reasons), or maybe they need to use it at different intervals during the night. Do not hesitate to explain your point of view in comment if you voted for this option.

The third on the board is the pure extinction of the smartphone at night. This is in practice more or less the same as the airplane mode, the difference that the battery is not consumed at all and that the return "reality" is longer (the time of startup). This at least has the merit of rebooting the device, something that most Android users never do. Admittedly, smartphones are optimized today to be in working condition but a small restart of time can not hurt.

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Here are the results! AndroidPIT

Then we find (and in this order) the users who put their device in silent mode (16%), those who leave their device in another room (9%), and finally with a equality of 6% we find those who are 'endorment with their device and those who put it in vibrate mode. Finally, a very small minority (3%) do not appear in the proposals.

Who is right, who is wrong ? It has been proven that waves act on our body (mainly the brain, for smartphones) but studies are not unanimous in terms of their dangerosit. Unless you really need to keep the phone connected to you, it is generally recommended to disable the connections (dyeing, airplane mode), or to move it away by placing it in another room, for example.

Which answer did you choose?

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