Leak of forbidden words on Nutella jars

Leak of forbidden words on Nutella jars

The famous brand of spread launched at the beginning of the week a communication campaign called "Say it with Nutella". Vehicle on social networks, it is built around a website where Internet users can personalize their Facebook profile and make a personalized label for a jar of Nutella. But it is not possible to write anything on it.

If necessary, it may be the refusal: " Your message unfortunately did not find its place on our Nutella jars. Try a new message! "This warning tickled some Internet users who quickly discovered in the source code of the web page a list of prohibited words.

They are – or rather were – contained in a JavaScript code with Prohibited Words List for reference. With the buzz surrounding this discovery, the brand ended up better concealing this list of prohibited words which no longer appears in plain text. A little late, however, and Rue89 offers us, for example, a capture:

Nutella-prohibited-word-listNo question of terms such as obese, cellulite, fat, kilo or allusions to palm oil which would have delighted the detractors of the spread. Some have tried to circumvent the blocking by adding the # symbol to make a hashtag but Nutella has also reacted.

The list of prohibited words also includes a slew of insults, pornographic or scatological terms. All words that incite hatred are also prohibited. It is easy to understand that Nutella is in charge of staying in the positive image.

"To avoid any unpleasant surprises for our fans, we preferred to leave certain negative or insulting words off the label. Likewise, words designating communities which are often attacked by malicious people. have been removed from the proposals to prevent them from being associated with negative messages "

, writes the Nutella team.

The fault discovered before being plugged is however a small snag, especially as it encourages clever little ones to exploit it to see what it is finally possible to write. But Nutella is a good player: