League of Legends is coming to mobiles and consoles in 2020

After a decade of exclusive use for PC gamers, the cult game League of Legends (MOBA) online multiplayer ( League of Legends) is finally coming to smartphones and game consoles . In celebration of the famous franchise’s 10th anniversary, Los Angeles-based video game publisher Riot Games has announced that a new game based on the League of Legends universe will soon be available for mobile devices. and game consoles.

Baptized Wild rift , the new title will be largely similar to the classic game, but with a few changes for new platforms, including a new dual-stick control system, a new map, and shorter matches that are expected to last around 15-20 minutes. . According to Riot: “Wild Rift is not a port of LoL to PC. It’s a new game built from the ground up to make it a legitimate and legitimate LoL experience that is worth the players’ time ” . Wild Rift will be available on smartphones in 2020, but there is no ETA for the console version yet.

Next to Wild rift , Riot has also announced a series of other games to be released next year. All except one are from the universe by League of Legends and feature popular characters from the franchise. According to the company, the new titles will include a card game, a fighting game, a multiplayer online battle arena game, an open world game and an esports simulator.

The only exception to the norm is a still untitled game named “Project A” which would be a tactical shooter in the style of Rainbow Six Siege or from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Marc Merrill, co-founder of the company, told the Washington Post of the list of upcoming members: “We have the advantage of being able to be long term. We don’t have to push a product to meet a quarterly schedule, a revenue target or whatever ” .

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