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Le Monde, the continuous news

If historically the Android application was a little below that proposed for iOS, we bet that the experience is much improved! Few news apps can boast of being so neat, readable, understandable and easy to use. A real success.

Le Monde is certainly one of the paper newspapers that has been most successful in its digital transition. Starting in 2008 with its iPhone application, daily life quickly asserted itself on mobile phones.

The “Le Monde” application, now called “ Le Monde, the continuous news », Has been constantly improving since its creation. Its main strength: simple navigation as possible.

The user “landed” when launching the app, on the news timeline, a stream which he scrolls from bottom to top or consult or replace with a swipe of his finger by the “Headlines” sections, “Videos”, “Decoders” or “most shared”. The diverse content of the online media is therefore displayed through different doors, leaving it to the reader to borrow the one he prefers. Note that the hottest subjects are also listed in the header of the news feed, letting the user filter the content by them.

Once in a news item or in a file, he can also navigate chronologically from one to the other by lateral sliding. Simple and effective to consult a little more than the titles.

Of course, Le Monde, the continuous news offers some customizations, geolocation and alerts by notification. Sharing content is easy because it is offered via an omnipresent icon within the articles.