Launch of the iPad in Belgium


It is since this Friday morning that it is possible to get an iPad officially in Belgium. Some stores, including the FNAC, had decided to raise their shutters a little earlier on the occasion of this event.

Our writing was on the side of the Rue Neuve Brussels around 9am this morning in order to observe the possible queues forming in particular in front of the FNAC of City 2, it is ultimately not very many who were there.

On the side ofApple Premium Reseller Mac Line from Woluwe, around twenty people were patiently waiting for the opening of the boutique scheduled for 10 am (thank you Sbastien for the photo).

In view of the craze slightly Fallout for the product of Apple marketed since early April in the United States and since late May in France, it would not be so surprising that the stock of iPad planned for its launch in Belgium is finally amply sufficient, less than …

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