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Launch in Europe D-1 – Belgium-iPhone

Launch in Europe D-1 - Belgium-iPhone

Here we are One day of the official iPhone launch in Europe. Indeed, you are aware that this November 9, Apple lands in Europe with a few thousand (millions?) of iPhones in its cases.

After months of rumors of all kinds, especially concerning a single operator for Europe, here is finally our long-awaited jewelry which arrives in our counters. We will finally know if the brand the apple will sell its precious with subscription directly at the time of purchase or not. Maybe we will have access to the various accessories already available on the Apple Store US, such as the Bluetooth headset that I am looking forward to testing, the various covers etc.

Does this happen this weekend in November draw crowds ? Will we be entitled to endless queues ? Well all the answers to his questions tomorrow at 6:02 p.m. for England and for Germany, on the other hand I do not know the timetables (please let me know in the comments).

@ xavibook