Latest diPadOS update has blocked some iPads

Latest diPadOS update has blocked some iPads

By installing the second diPadOS 13.2 beta, some diPad Pro owners saw their tablet hang.

The problem only seems to affect the models released in 2018. The update would be difficult to install and would completely block the tablet during the installation process, forcing owners to restart their tablet in recovery mode and restore the device.

A very annoying situation, especially if the user had not made a backup of his tablet.

For a few hours, it is no longer possible to download the update from the “Software update” settings of the tablets. A message stating that the software was unable to verify the update appears on the screen.

Credit: Mark Gurman

So it would seem that Apple is aware of the problem and is already fixing the problem internally. The Californian firm is expected to offer a new fixed beta soon. In the meantime, it is better to avoid installing the second diPasOS 13.2 bta.

If you are affected by this problem, here is how to restore your iPad: connect your tablet to a PC or Mac and launch iTunes or Finder on the latest macOS version, Catalina. Select your tablet, then Restore the backup to the new page and wait for the download to finish.