Kyocera claims the world’s thinnest phone

Kyocera claims the world's thinnest phone

With a thickness of 5.3 mm and a weight of 47 g, the KY-01L looks pretty much like a credit card. For Docomo, the Japanese mobile operator, it is the thinnest phone in the world. It has a monochrome e-paper screen of 2.8 inches and a battery of 380 mAh. Although it does not have a camera or applications, this smartphone has LTE connectivity allowing you to browse the web freely.Image 1: Kyocera claims the world's thinnest phone

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In recent years, manufacturers have been seeking more to offer ultra-fine products. Although Docomo describes the Kyocera KY-01 L as the thinnest phone in the world, some brands disagree. The Moto Z 2016 from Motorola is the closest example: 5.2 mm, it would be much thinner than the model proposed by Kyocera. However, Docomo noted that it included a large bump for the camera. But Motorola could retaliate by pointing out that the Japanese company’s smartphone does not have one. The Kyocera KY-01L will go on sale next month, and will be offered at 32,000 yen, or about $ 300.

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