Kuo confirms miniLED screens on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020

Kuo confirms miniLED screens on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020

ipad pro iconThere is talk of new screen technologies for the future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020. Ming-Chi Kuo confirms himself by repeating his remarks of September 30, explaining that the miniLED will arrive on four six products in two years.

The first models served will be the high end with the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro 16 inches.

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MiniLED: the notch for the high-end at Apple in 2020

The Mini-LED technology should allow a clear improvement for user experience and especially entertainment. Games and video will enjoy greater brightness, a wider range of colors and better contrast. Among the advantages of the MiniLED, one also finds an increased compactness and less effects of burn (unlike lOLED). A perfect mix between LCD and OLED while waiting for the microLED, something we've been talking about for more than four years here, and that we could find soon on the Apple Watch. The MiniLED enhances "only" the backlighting part, while the microLED is a different technology.

According to Kuo, Apple has worked on a total of 10,000 miniature LEDs on its slabs for iPad Pro and Macbook Pro, much more than the Pro Display XDR which has only 576. The miniLED would make 0, 2mm each, ie 200 microns. The first miniLED versions should arrive at the end of 2020 on the iPad Pro and start 2021 on the Macbook Pro.

We hope that the iPhone 12 Pro will also be there, at the price o Apple sells it …

Update of 4/12:

Digitimes also confirms the miniLED with GIS, a Taiwanese touch-screen manufacturer. Production should begin in the third quarter of 2020.