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Kodak goes to war with Apple

The year 2009 having been marked by a war between Nokia Apple it is the turn of Kodak to attack Apple and RIM (BlackBerry) for patent infringement

The complaint claims that the two manufacturers are unauthorized use of an Eastman Kodak patent for image previewing and two separate complaints are directed specifically at Apple regarding image processing.

Kodak clarified, however, that the complaint is not intended to ban the smartphones in question, but seeks compensation for the use of its technology.

The latter providing technology licenses to several mobile manufacturers and has also just won a battle against Samsung for patent infringement as well.

Concerning Apple, its same patents also incriminated Sun Microsystems in 2004 which at the time resulted in the taking of a license from SUN

However, Kodak remains open to any negotiations.

We discuss it on the forum.

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