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Eleven thousand articles, seven thousand photos and illustrations, three hundred maps, one hundred and fifty thousand hypertext links … With Webencyclo, Editions Atlas strike a blow! Indeed, it is simply the
first free encyclopedia available in French on the Web. You can consult the site after a free subscription. You then access thousands of pages of knowledge. To facilitate navigation, four search modes are available: by keywords in
the title or the articles, by themes (IT, sports, economy, etc.), by media (maps, photos and illustrations …), by ideas (all types of words, like friendship, violence …). moreover, keyword queries benefit from an approached spelling tool. Thus "Napolean" will refer to the articles devoted to Napolon. The results of a search are hierarchical
according to their relevance. Designed for adults as well as for children, Webencyclo offers an easy-to-use interface with precise icons and well contrasting colors for perfect readability.