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KingRoot is a practical Android application but to use with the greatest vigilance because it allows both to root your device in one click but also to thoroughly clean it.

Important note : We urge our users to exercise the utmost caution when using this application. Indeed, the root procedure in general can result in the cancellation of the product warranty in the event of the device freezing. The user here engages his own responsibility.

Why root your Android device?

King Root is an Android user allowing from your smartphone directly or with its software in its version for Windows to root your phone or tablet. Today it is one of the most famous applications to root your Android device in one click.

Why root your Android device?

Leaving the factory, Android smartphones and tablets do not offer full administrator rights to prevent users from damaging their device due to a mistake. In order to enjoy your device without restriction, it is advisable to root it either through a computer or through an application as proposed by KingRoot.

Once rooted, it is possible to uninstall the software overlays of the manufacturer and the operator but also to change the ROM of the device, to install tweaks or to improve the overall performance of the device.

More generally, you can do everything you want on your phone without any blocking. Be careful though, when you root your device, it may void the warranty.

Also note that you are responsible for any modification of your device like this and that in case of problem, it can damage your phone or tablet.

Is it still useful to root your phone today?

Android is already a very open system that provides access to many customization options. Some people will therefore tell you that there is no longer any point in rooting your devices.

However, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to install a ROM for example (an alternative operating system), this will be mandatory in theory as a first step.

Just inquire before if you need to have a rooted device. Indeed, offering your phone or tablet greater administrative rights can also be risky. Potentially, it is possible to do more things on your device, especially for malicious actions.

How to install King Root?

To be able to install King Root, install the APK. Indeed, you will suspect: the application is not available on the Play Store. Therefore, the installation must be done manually.

Once the application is installed on your device thanks to the APK, you can then take advantage of several features that it can offer you, including root in particular. If you have never installed applications manually, you will have to authorize the installation of applications from unknown sources directly in the settings of your device.

What to do with this app?

King Root is primarily intended to root your Android device in one click subject to compatibility. Indeed, the application already includes a predefined list of compatible devices. The steps to root a device may vary by brand; the process therefore sometimes requires certain adaptations.

The process can take a few minutes and is very easy to understand, far from the first manipulations that had to be carried out a few years ago. At the beginning of the availability of Android, this process was much more difficult … Thanks to King Root, everything is simple. With just one click, it will be good.

Once you have launched the application for the first time, click on “Try it”. You will then arrive on another interface where you will have to choose “Get Now”. Wait a bit and normally everything should be fine! A loading bar will show you the progress of the process.

Once it’s done, to verify that your device is properly rooted we recommend you go to the Google Play Store. Install the “RootChecker” application and when launching, authorize access rights. A message will appear and tell you whether or not your device is properly rooted.

King Root also offers other features

The app doesn’t stop there and provides a range of cleaning and optimization tools. It has a signed antivirus engine Tencent, a permissions manager and for applications that run at startup as well as a cleaner to save battery.

Clear, King Root also tries to compensate for any security issues you may encounter after rooting your device. From this point of view, it remains very positive.

You would have understood it, King Root is a must-have that still works very well and is compatible with many devices today. Rather, the application is intended to be very secure, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your Android device afterwards.