Kill Switch: LG and Samsung troll smartphone thieves

Kill Switch: LG and Samsung troll smartphone thieves

While Google has just produced its own service to prevent the thieves of smartphones to proceed (Android Manager), Samsung and LG have also just put theirs. They have both developed Kill Switch allowing users to block their laptops remotely. A measure taken by the Korean government.

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Korea's smartphone crime rate may not be the highest, but it is taking defensive measures. / The Korea Times
<p style=Although the theft of smartphones is still embryonic in South Korea, especially compared to the rest of the world, the South Korean government has decided to take preventive measures to prevent it.

Among the measures put in place, we find the "kill switch", a feature that allows users to block their smartphone distance. Once active, the smartphone is unusable, it can no longer be reformat or rutilis some way.

Samsung and LG should start integrating this feature into their in-process devices; Pantech another South Korean company has already started to work since February.

Android Manager has many advantages and features that especially allow to locate the smartphone flight, but it lacks this "killer": with the feature "Kill Switch" LG and Samsung, the smartphone is just good throw. A function that, we do not hide, would make us sneer the idea of ​​the head of the thief in front of our phone. We can not wait for her to come home.

Have you ever had your flight device? Would you like to see the law apply to you?

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