Kia details new strategy and announces 7 electric cars by 2027

Kia is taking advantage of the start of the year to unveil some details on the “Plan S”, its new long-term strategy. First, the manufacturer plans to launch 7 electric vehicles by 2027. They will all be based on the latest E-GMP platform from the Hyundai group.

kia plan s
Credit: Kia

2021 will be the year of renewal for Kia. While parent company Hyundai recently detailed its upcoming plans, it’s Kia’s turn to unveil its strategy for the next few years. In the first place, Kia Motors is no longer and becomes simply Kia. This change of name makes sense. Indeed, the manufacturer has expressed its desire to expand its activities, and in particular to embark on the production of “sustainable mobility solutions”.

In other words, the brand no longer wants to confine itself to manufacturing cars and wants to diversify. New name therefore, and a new strategy called “Plan S”. For now, Kia has only clarified that this “Plan S” provides for the launch of seven new electric vehicles by 2027. We are talking here about BEV, battery electric vehicles and not hybrid cars. Kia did not go into detail about its upcoming vehicles, but we know that we can expect a minivan, one or more SUVs as well as one or more sedans.

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Kia takes advantage of Hyundai Group’s E-GMP platform

One thing is certain, all of these vehicles will be based on the new E-GMP platform developed by the Hyundai group. The advantage of this platform is that it is flexible and offers excellent roominess, in particular thanks to a 3-meter wheelbase, a compact motor-inverter-transmission assembly, and a new, smaller battery pack.

As stated above, Kia intends to broaden its horizons by also offering PBVs, vehicles for special or professional use such as “vehicles for carpooling, vehicles with lowered floors to facilitate loading and unloading of goods, and even delivery trucks equipped with cooling and refrigeration equipment ”.

As a reminder, the manufacturer had already expressed its ambitions in May 2020. Kia had announced the development of a city car in the style of the Citroën Ami. In addition, the company had also provided work on an electric crossover capable of recharging in just 20 minutes.

Source: Kia