KFC launches video game console, PS5 and Xbox Series X are already shaking

While we believed in a simple joke last June, KFC has just unveiled a video game console. The KFConsole has a Core i9, an Asus graphics card, 2 TB of SSD… And takes advantage of a “vital” function that the PS5 and Xbox Series do not have!


Could what might have sounded like a year-end joke about to come true? The catering giant KFC would he really be getting ready to launch its own video game console, console that he had teased last June? In any case, the console has an undeniable advantage over its “competitors”, the Xbox Series X or the PS5: it is able to keep your food at the ideal temperature, by the time you start a game of Cyberpunk 2077.

KFC is not at its first attempt in the world of high-tech. In 2017, the brand joined forces with Huawei to offer a collector’s version of the 7 Plus, to celebrate its 30 years in China. More recently, KFC unveiled a controller dedicated to the Xbox Series X dressed in the colors of the brand. This time, it is a complete game console that the restaurant chain unveils: the KFConsole is in the form of a small cylinder menu with an ignition button on the front, and it has everything it takes within it to conquer the hearts and stomachs of players !

The KFConsole is a real game console that can keep your food warm

Why did the KFC designers choose this special design for a console? Quite simply because in addition to being a console, the appliance is also used to keep your food at the right temperature. When we open the KFConsole, we take advantage of a small housing intended to accommodate food (at random, nuggets and chicken thighs?). The cooling system designed by KFC extracts heat from the device, while keeping everything inside the chamber warm.

But make no mistake: the device is indeed a video game console. KFC has partnered with Cooler Master to design his console. The device pulsates using a processor 9th Generation Intel Core i9, an Asus mini graphics card, and two 1TB Seageate SSDs that offer “6 times faster” performance thanks to PCIe NVMe technology. Finally, according to KFC, the game console allows play in 4K at 240 fps and 240 Hz !


KFC has fun with all the current codes dedicated to the promotion of a new console. “VR Ready – get up and enjoy the world of virtual reality while the scent of fresh chicken captures your senses,” reads the KFConsole site. And a little further: “Ray Tracing – individually simulated rays of light creating realistic shadows and reflections will immerse you more than ever in a selection of games. ”

What credit can be given to all this? None, of course. But by teaming up with manufacturers as prestigious as Intel, Cooler Master or Asus, KFC is doing everything to make its project as authentic as possible. As you might expect, the web page dedicated to the console does not show any price or launch date yet. A very beautiful communication operation, no doubt.