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Keynote: Apple unveils its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

As expected, Apple held yesterday keynote called ” Hello again ” On the occasion of this important event during which the firm celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first computer ” PowerBook She also took advantage of this moment to lift the veil on her new (and long-awaited) laptops. Indeed, the MacBook Pro 2016 are now official and their technical characteristics are rather interesting.

All in all, the rumors were right about the specifications of these new MacBook Pro. The design has been reviewed and the device is now thinner (14.9 mm thick) and lighter (1.36 kg) with a very bright screen which would be the best ever created so far. Note also the presence of the Touch Bar, the OLED touch bar located in place of the traditional function keys.

macbook pro 2016 touch bar - Keynote: Apple unveils its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

In particular, it allows users to benefit from new shortcuts for certain services and functionalities (Siri, Maps, Messages, etc.) as well as favorite applications. The Touch Bar is also customizable as needed and since it incorporates the Touch ID, it will be possible for users to unlock the computer using their fingerprint.

Furthermore, with regard to the internal components, there will be a choice between two types of configuration depending on the size of the screen. For the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple offers an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, an Intel iris Graphics GPU and 256 GB to 2 TB storage. In contrast, for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, an Intel processor Core i7 is there. It is coupled with 16 GB of RAM, a Radeon Pro GPU and storage of 256 GB at 1 TB.

Finally, it is good to know that the new MacBook Pro still has the traditional 3.5 mm jack (phew!), And 4 Thunderbolt / USB Type-C ports. The price is € 1999 for the 13-inch model with 256 GB and € 2199 for the one with 512 GB of storage. For the 15-inch model, the price starts at € 2,699 for the 256 GB model and € 3,199 for the one with 512 GB.