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Keynote: a place was reserved Steve Jobs

Keynote: a place was reserved Steve Jobs

Cult of Mac

At Apple's press conference on Tuesday, the editorial Cult of Mac – present in the room – noticed the presence of an empty seat located in the first row of the room (place reserved for the members of the staff of the Cupertino company). Was this the seat that Steve Jobs could have occupied if he had been able to attend the event? That’s what you would think! The fact of leaving "an empty place" is revealing in the sense that the state of health should be well known by the members of the Apple "board". While Steve Jobs was living his last moments, a place was probably reserved for him, however.

With hindsight, the writing of Cult of Mac added that "the heart" did not seem to be too much of the party this Tuesday at the press conference and this, despite the excitement that can generate the announcement of new products such as the new iPhone expected for 15 months. It is true that this was "a first" for Steve Jobs' successor, Tim Cook, but there was a "mysterious feeling" hovering in the room. Despite the absence of Steve Jobs and the power entrusted to him to animate the "keynotes", the fact remains that "the show must go on". So there will always be a place for Apple’s former strongman to keep his spirit going.

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(Via Cult of Mac )