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Based on a simple concept, bringing together all the courses necessary for the College-Lycée curriculum, Kartable is a successful application that does one thing but does it well. To install without hesitation in the event of a hard blow!

Available for free on iOS and Android, Kartable is an app offering access to educational content (courses therefore). One of the main interests of this service is to integrate the official French national education programs.

The contents are classified by year of study from middle school (6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd) to high school (2nd general, 1st S, 1st ES, 1st L, Terminale S, Terminale ES and Terminale EL) then by subject: mathematics, French, history, geography, SVT, English, Spanish, German, ECJS, physics, chemistry, Philosophy, etc.

According to the subjects, the user will be able to consult the different chapters concerning him, the methodology, exercises as well as other resources (conjugations, authors, lists of irregular verbs or others).

The application is clear, relatively simple and unadorned. Note that it is possible to mark certain chapters, courses and exercises in order to find them in its folder.

Kartable is accessible with a simple Facebook account or by registering for the service via the app and an email address.