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Kapersky also attacks Apple for unfair competition


Posted: March 21, 2019
Updated: March 20, 2019

by Steve

Spotify is not the only one to attack Apple for abuse of a dominant position! The IT security company Kapersky, specialized in anti-virus, comes to attack the apple brand for unfair competition. The software publisher believes that the use of the App Store rules out Apple’s competitors. A dominant position that has also been denounced Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner of Competition at the European Commission.

kapersky - Kapersky too attacks Apple for unfair competition

What is responsible for Kapersky’s anger is Apple’s attitude towards the parental control app Kapersky Safe Kids. The Cupertino company has indeed asked Kapersky not to use a configuration profile, however necessary to define an age restriction to hide certain apps or prohibit access to certain parts of an app. In question ? Rule 2.5.1 of the conditions of use of the App Store, which prohibits using private APIs and diverting tools to offer certain functions.

According to Kapersky, Apple would have requested this change during its presentation of iOS 12, which also includes the new Screen Time function. A parental control measure … The security app publisher has therefore contacted the Russian competition authority. Spotify, he had filed a complaint with the European Commission. To see how all this will unravel, but it is certain that the apple brand is in the crossfire right now, between Spotify, Qualcomm and now Kapersky.