Justice Decision Means You Might Be able To Sell Your Steam Games - GKZ Hitech

Justice Decision Means You Might Be able To Sell Your Steam Games – GKZ Hitech

A recent European court ruling suggests that users should be able to resell games from their Steam library in the same way as they would with physical games.

According to a report from the French site Next Impact, The Paris Court of First Instance found earlier this week that Valve was in violation of European law.

In particular, corporate policy on the resale of games runs counter to the law governing the free movement of goods.

According to this law, all products, including digital software, should be able to be sold, even without the authorization of the original publisher or seller.

Of course, only one copy can be sold, not multiple versions, but the decision says that users should have the right to do so.

Valve is said to have three months to rectify the situation, but the company has announced that it will appeal the decision.

This is certainly an interesting turning point, especially when you consider the controversy going on key CD selling sites such as G2A.

We also wonder what will happen with other services like Uplay, Epic Store, EA's Origin and others if this decision is respected.

Another interesting thing that emerged from the decision was the fact that Valve tried to pretend that Steam was a subscription service.

to our knowledge, there is currently no subscription service on Steam. Unlike the Xbox Games Pass or Uplay + services, which offer players the possibility of paying monthly fees to access certain games. Although we would certainly like to see one. Heres hopes this is a hint that in the future.