Judge Lucy Koh Urges Apple And Samsung To Present Agreement

Judge Lucy Koh Urges Apple And Samsung To Present Agreement

In the mga trial between Apple Samsung, judge Lucy Koh ordered the defense of the two parties to find an agreement to be handed over to the jury on Monday.


A rebound in the mga procs between Apple Samsung and the United States. The Court of San Jose (California, United States), represented by the Honorable Justice Lucy Koh, asked the main lawyers, Bill Lee for Apple and John Quinn for Samsung, to meet this Sunday in order to finalize an agreement to deliver to the jury this Monday.

Judge Lucy Koh was thus exasperated in the face of the representatives of the two parties this past weekend. Recall that in June, the same judge asked the bosses of Apple and Samsung to try to find a friendly settlement to resolve their cross complaints about the infringement of some of their patents. An attempt which ended up ultimately failing and which only had the consequence of opening this mga procs at the end of last month.

During the first two weeks of trial, each of the two parties endeavored to have recognized some evidence of course as embarrassing as possible for the other party. note that the Cupertino company did not fail to be the most effective this little game, but seems to have wanted to push too quickly and too far its advantage in its offensive strategy.

When one would have thought that recent revelations of Apple's defense could have put Samsung on the wall, it seems that California justice is proposing a final attempt to allow the two firms to end their differences. Case to follow.

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(Source: CNet )