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Jitsi Meet19.4.0

On paper, Jitsi Meet is very attractive because it is free and open, does not require an account and supports a potentially unlimited number of participants. In practice, the quality and the stability of the discussions can turn out to be random and certain flows cut for undetermined reasons. The set is still simple to use and very practical for chatting in audio or video at no cost and in complete security.

Video conferencing made easy

Jitsi Meet is a videoconferencing application allowing you to chat in audio or video with your loved ones, free of charge and without any account required. The service is open-source and offers encryption of discussions by default.

Join a discussion at a glance

Note first that it is possible to create or join a conference very easily, just enter the name of a new server or an existing server. For more security, the user who created the room can define a password allowing access to the room. When you arrive in a lounge, Jitsi Meet allows you to activate the microphone and the camera and arrange the different participants in mosaic or display a single participant in full screen.Jitsi Meet

Many options available

In addition to the integrated chat, Jitsi Meet for Android offers a bandwidth reduction mode so that you no longer see the participants’ webcams but only the microphone. It is also possible to ask to speak by raising your hand and to open documents shared by other users.

Other practical features, the application makes it possible to broadcast a live YouTube streaming and record the entire video conversation directly on a Dropbox.

Its grip

Whether to join a lounge or invite participants, Jitsi Meet does not require an account, allows discussions with an unlimited number of participants and allows you to add new participants using a simple URL and without downloading to PC.