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Japan sends 2000 iPhone to passengers on coronavirus-contaminated boat

2,000 iPhones were delivered by the Japanese government on a cruise ship off the coast of the archipelago. The latter was quarantined following the diagnosis of more than 170 cases of coronavirus contamination among the 3,500 people on board. Thanks to a pre-installed application, they will be able to request medical assistance.

coronavirus 2000 iphone boat quarantine

At the start of the month, a Diamond Princess cruise ship, with 3500 passengers and crew members, was to land in Japan after two weeks of travel. In this confined space, more than 170 people are infected with the coronavirus. Since the boat is isolated at sea, forced quarantine for more than 10 days. And the Japanese government, for fear of spreading the virus, refuses to allow the 3,500 people to land.

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In order to provide a means of contact between passengers and Japanese health services, the Minister of Health of Japan made the decision on Friday, February 14, deliver 2000 iPhone 6S. The number of mobiles is not chosen at random, since it corresponds to one unit per cabin (passenger or crew). The information comes from the Japanese blog Macotakara. According to the latter, passengers will have to return the smartphones when the problem is resolved and they disembark from the boat.

The Japanese version of Line is installed

These iPhones are operated by the operator Softbank and are equipped with Line, one of the main Japanese social applications. The photo accompanying this article illustrates these hundreds of smartphones. It was posted, along with three other photos, on social media by Masuda Jun, one of the leaders of Line.

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The purpose of this operation is to offer all passengers a means of direct contact with Japanese health services. Thanks to Line, everyone can benefit a remote consultation with a health professional and obtain, if necessary, medicines. Passengers could not install the necessary version of the application by themselves to get in touch with a doctor, since access to the App Store and Play Store is limited. If your mobile is registered in France, you access the French store on your OS, even if you access it from abroad.

Source: Macotakara

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