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Jailbreak: 10 Cydia tweaks integrated by Apple into iOS 10

Raise to wake ios 10 - Jailbreak : 10 tweaks Cydia intégrés par Apple à iOS 10

Raise to wake ios 10 - Jailbreak : 10 tweaks Cydia intégrés par Apple à iOS 10


Posted: June 28 2016
Updated: June 28, 2016

by Martin

After each presentation of a new version of its mobile operating system, followers of the jailbreak many are to blame Apple integration of tweaks and applications available for more or less long on Cydia. And not surprisingly, iOS 10, whose beta 1 was presented at the beginning of the month (read: Download & Install iOS 10 beta without a developer account), is no exception to the rule.

Raise to wake ios 10 - Jailbreak: 10 Cydia tweaks integrated by Apple into iOS 10

The site iDownloadBlog noted no less than ten features present in iOS 10 which were already available on the Saurik application store, therefore compatible with most iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch jailbroken in iOS 9 (and / or earlier versions of firmware).

  1. The use of Siri in applications thanks to the new SiriKit API: AssistantExtensions offers a library allowing developers to customize Siri responses.
  2. Raise to wake : this feature of iOS 10, which turns on the screen when the iPhone is raised, has been available on Cydia for several years thanks to FaceOff.
  3. Stickers in the Messages application: a feature offered on Cydia by StickerMe, which allows you to send stickers from Facebook Messenger via iMessage.
  4. The modular control center: you may know Auxo Legacy Edition. With the jailbreak, we find the functionality ofApp Switching of this tweak in iOS 10.
  5. Interactive notifications: on Cydia, 3D Touch Notifications similarly allows more information related to notifications to be displayed on the lock screen.
  6. The 3D Touch for the Weather app: the tweak Shortcuts does much the same on Cydia, the weather being displayed on the icon without having to launch the native app.
  7. A new design for the Apple Music app: available since iOS 8.4, the tweak Gauss 2 allowing you to personalize Apple Music from top to bottom.
  8. “Write” messages instead of typing them: a feature offered by the Cydia tweak Grafiti on older versions of iOS. Yes, the jailbreak is not brand new!
  9. Removing native apps from the home screen: you surely know Springtomize, the essential application for any iOS customization lover.
  10. The widgets on the lock screen: IntelliScreenX, which we no longer present, is the pioneer for this functionality.

Of course, there are probably dozens of other Cydia tweaks and applications that strongly resemble the features added by Apple to iOS 10. However, it is impossible to know whether the Cupertino company was inspired by the jailbreak or not to offer them… If you have discovered others, do not hesitate to share them in the comments!