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Jack plug: 1% of consumers consider it essential

Jack plug: 1% of consumers consider it essential

iphone xs iconThe first time that Apple did it, the news had caused a stir, with many negative reviews … However, time goes by and consumers seem to be getting used to the disappearance of the jack.

Manufacturers, too, now seem to overlook the latter image of Samsung which was the first to jump on the Apple by criticizing this change at the time, and which now applies it for its latest smartphone.

The result of a survey has just been published, and concerns the vision of consumers vis-à-vis the main criteria of customers for the choice of their new smartphone.

galaxy note 10 1

The jack is of little interest, the price remains the most important

An interesting study that allows us to learn more about the purchasing habits of everyone. The study was conducted on 3,640 people, and revealed that for men as well as women, the price remains the major criterion.

For men, we then find the technical characteristics then storage, while for women, the OS is the second wait, while the camera closes the market.

Respondents could choose from a preset list that included price, screen, camera, battery, storage space, features, operating system, jack and a cool factor.